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Pets that have been spayed or neutered tend to live healthier and longer lives!

The veterinary staff at Animal Care Clinic will urge you to have your pets spayed or neutered, as we believe these procedures to have a positive effect on your pets' health and well being. Spaying or neutering your pet can greatly reduce the following common health and behavior problems.
Common Health Problems Reduced by Spaying & Neutering Your Pets
  • Over Population Even the most attentive dog or cat parent can’t always prevent unwanted litters. These unwanted puppies and kittens overpopulate local shelters.

  • Mammary Tumors By having your pet spayed prior to her first heat cycle, we can greatly reduce the incidence of mammary tumors forming.

  • Testicular Cancer The risk of Testicular cancer in your male pet is eliminated by having him neutered.

  • Pyometra Pyometra, is a potentially life-threatening uterine infection, which can be very costly to treat. This painful infection is 100% preventable by having your female pet spayed.

  • Prostatitis Prostatitis is an infection of the prostate, which causes malignant or benign swelling. The risk of this condition can be greatly reduced with early neutering.

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